Solar Power

For Home

When it comes to smart home energy management, you’ll never be in the dark. Without worrying about rising energy costs and hidden charges on your electricity bills, you can easily use your electricity by taking advantage of solar energy. ETeam is responsible for setting up the system on a turnkey basis and managing the legal authorization process.





For Commercial and Industrial

In the case of commercial applications such as production facilities, the beauty of using solar energy is that energy usage is realized throughout the day. In addition, large commercial plants can benefit from solar energy by purchasing a storage solution for night energy use.

Although the benefits of a solar power plant are obvious, the client may have questions for the next step. “What will be the price of the system, what is the right way to finance some of this scale, and when will the system pay back itself?” Take a look at these helpful tips to better understand the answers to these predicted questions:


The clients are able to save at least 10% on their investment costs when they receive a lot of good and correct offers: 

ETeam’s experience and skills will be required to get an offer at the correct scale for the project.

The largest contractors can not always offer the most economical solution that the clients expects:

While you are gathering offers from some major contractors in the solar energy market, make sure you compare these offers with other contractor offers and do not overpay for system.

It is also important to compare all your equipment options:
Bigger companies do not only offer higher prices, but they also offer fewer solar equipment, which can be a significant impact on your system’s electricity generation. By collecting various solar energy proposals, you can compare costs and savings based on different equipment packages you can use. The only way to find the “optimal” point for your facility is to evaluate different equipment and contractor proposals.